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AHIRA JSC was established in December 2006 in the town of Plovdiv by a group of investors doing business in the area of wood-processing industry. Since then, AHIRA JSC has grown to become the biggest Bulgarian manufacturer of environment-friendly fuel – wood pellets. The company is managed by a board of directors whose members have rich experience in the area of timber industry, wood-processing industry, production of commercial amounts of wood pellets and endeavor to spread the awareness on this renewable energy source.

The plant was designed and built to operate with state-of-the-art technology for pellet production. The whole plant spreads on an area of 7 500 square meters, and all installations and warehouses are built-up on a total area of 2000 square meters. Its production capacity rate is 12 000 tons per year of high quality wood-pellets. Approximately 30 000 tons of wood waste is collected from the region of Central Rhodope Mountains and processed every year. AHIRA JSC employs about 24 people as skilled staff who are engaged in the collection and transportation of raw materials to the plant site. The best part of production is packed and distributed in sale outlets in Italy, Greece and Bulgaria.

The implementation of Ahira Project is manifestation of a capital investment with the global purpose to satisfy the growing demand and to strengthen the company position of being the biggest Bulgarian manufacturer of environment-friendly pure bio-fuel.

Following the start of production, AHIRA JSC proceeded to develop a strategy for spreading the use of heat energy. It was planned to distribute and install heating equipment that works with renewable energy sources. Hence, AHIRA JSC established partnerships with major companies dealing in the Bulgarian and European market.

Our mission: “To create a new concept of energy production looking forward to advanced technologies and high efficiency of renewable energy sources.”